Martin Tamásfi


                I suspect this is not everything
           and that something is lurking
           in the dark behind the door
           and I can intuit that this mystery
           will once approach so close
           I will embrace it.  

M.T. Mgr. Martin Tamásfi

During 1994-1998 I attended the High School of Applied Arts and Design in Kremnica, specializing in Artistic Blacksmithing. In 1994-2004 I deepened my education by studying Creation and Education of Visual Arts at the Pedagogical Faculty of University of Constantine the Philosopher in Nitra. I wrote my thesis, with the title “Intercommunication”, under the guidance of Mgr. art. Róbert Bielik and Assoc. Prof. Miroslav Nicz.

At present, I live, create and exhibit my work in the High Tatras. As a free artist, I devote my time to painting and blacksmithing.