Martin Tamásfi

Dear friends
It is my great pleasure to invite you to a thematic exhibition of paintings

The Depth of the Tatras

As an introduction to the exhibition, I would like to share with you the inspiration and process that led me here: to this theme, to an exploration through creation and to the resulting paintings (some of which are now part of this exhibition).

Thanks to living in the High Tatras, I have developed an interest in a theme that I call “the Depth of Acuity.” It helps me clarify how one perceives, in layers. This is how the notion of depth accompanies me when I paint the landscape.

When I connect the theme of ‘the Depth of Acuity’ to the place I live in, it becomes more concrete: “the Depth of the Tatras.”

preview of paintures

The Tatras can easily rearrange a person for the better. Thanks to their clarity, they are a natural environment in which to wander, be purified and seek the right questions that emanate from this natural landscape. I have arrived at the question of a human’s place in the High Tatras. I have noticed that man is better off here, if he allows himself to be so. The answer to the question of what specifically rearranges me is mirrored in the strength of the landscape grouping and leads to the next question – what place do I have in this grouping? That is the moment when the creation of images began to mirror the answers.

I chose to work in this way: a feeling pulls me to a place in the landscape, I go there carrying the theme of “the Depth of the Tatras,” and I record the views that speak to me. Later, I transfer them to the canvas. I have tried to transfer what I perceive as beneficial for the human being and therefore for myself. This endeavour has always drawn me out of my inner musings and into the outer environment. I use paintings to convey these experiences and share the stories of these trips, as well as the insights that spoke to me.

After the trips, I decided to make a series of paintings of the Tatra landscape. Some are composed in pairs, like a pair of oil paintings or an oil painting with a forged image. The forged paintings are created with blacksmithing techniques transferred into a two-dimensional surface.

The painting process is the beginning of the story of a painting, and as an artist I am very interested in stories that accompany and continue with these paintings even after completion. This exhibition is the story of the Gerlach painting:

One day, my friend Peter asked me to paint a painting. The background story to that was his visit to Switzerland and his feeling that the father of the friend that he visited, Mr. Miroslav, should receive a gift of a painting that would be painted specifically for him. The particular subject of the painting came up when his friend heard her father’s charming story about his first climbing experience in the High Tatras. When her father was still a teenager, he climbed up the highest peak there, called Gerlach. She told us about it, and I recorded this story in a double painting. When it was finished, I was invited to hand it over to Mr. Miroslav in Geneva, where he introduced us to his friend, Mr. Tibor Strähle, who owns a gallery in Arzier – Le Mudis, near Geneva.

I would be delighted if this exhibition could itself travel to various places, thus reflecting the wanderings I have experienced in its creation, and if it could bring the charm of the Tatra Mountains to people who do not have them within easy reach.

The paintings will be exhibited at the “Galerie pour LA PAIX DU MONDE” (Gallery of World Peace) in Arzier – Le Muids, Switzerland from July 2021 until the end of September 2021. I would like to thank the owner of the gallery, Mr. Tibor Strähle, for making this exhibition possible. I would like to thank Mr. Miroslav Ondráš for allowing the painting of Gerlach to be part of this exhibition.

The exhibition opens with a vernissage on 4 July 2021 at 5 pm. You are cordially welcome to attend. I look forward to meeting you!

Martin Tamásfi